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Leading Provider of Ceramic Fiber Products & Solutions

We maintain large inventories of Unifrax’s Fiberfrax® products, including insulation blankets and boards, high temperature textiles and ceramic fiber modules. In addition, we maintain stocks of mineral wool, castable, plastics, mortars, insulating and refractory brick and alumina products. We provide vacuum forming services, allowing us to produce refractory shapes made from refractory ceramic fiber, mineral wool and castable of all temperature ranges, including alumina, silicon carbide or mullite grades.


estern Industrial Ceramics began in 1971 as a refractory and insulation stocking distributor for Unifrax’s line of Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products. At that time, ceramic fibers primary usage was expansion joint material. With the energy crisis of 1972 it became a major contributor to fuel savings for industrial furnaces and a replacement for high temperature textiles.

With the development of installation techniques such as fiber blanket, studs and modules the company began refractory contracting. Since then, the company has become a full line contractor installing not only ceramic fiber but also castable, gunning mixes, plastic ramming mixes, and complete furnace repair and maintenance.

Additional advancement in fiber technology allowed for the development of shape making products utilizing vacuum forming techniques. In 1983 the company started its operation for ceramic fiber shapes in Portland, OR and now has multiple vacuum forming lines for all engineered shapes and boards.

The company has expanded over the years to provide high temperature engineering solutions to clients in the ten Western States. There are now two locations with complete stocking, refractory contracting and manufacturing in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. Most of our managers and field superintendents have been with the company for more than 20 years and have substantial experience in assisting clients with their temperature and energy solutions.

On November 17, 2016, Western Industrial Ceramics (WIC) and the Zampell Companies combined resources to create a stronger company for both the West Coast and beyond. WIC will be dividing their operations into two core areas.

  • For product distribution, fabrication, and manufacturing, this will continue forward as Western Industrial Ceramics. It will be a division of the Zampell Company, “ZAR-TECH,” which is an acronym for Zampell Advanced Refractory Technologies, Inc.
  • For the engineering and installation of refractories, the WIC personnel will join forces with Zampell Refractories, Inc.(Zampell). Zampell operates eleven service offices globally, spanning from coast to coast in the USA and into Europe.

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